Violin for weddings and other occasions

Our offer includes accompaniment for banquets, elegant dinner parties, corporate events, vernissage openings, business meetings and various ceremonies and celebrations. We have an extensive repertoire featuring classical pieces, jazz standards and film music. In addition, we prepare songs per the client‘s order - we will arrange and perform any song.

Another area of our activity is cooperation with other musicians - offering a wide variety of arrangements on various instruments. Together with our friends we can create any team for your celebration. On special demand we expand the composition of the quartet by various instruments, we also work with local vocalists.

The repertoire and instrumental composition depends on individual taste, but also on the specificity of the celebration. Sharing our experience, we will recommend and discuss a number of options and advise which one works best for any given event.

Artistic performances


Formal meetings that require top-notch service, as well as ones with a more casual atmosphere, cultural events are good opportunity to become part of an artistic performance commonly associated with the philharmonic hall.
The repertoire depends on the client, but we are inclined towards film music and masterpieces of classical music. We will also shortly describe the context from which a given piece has been chosen - whether in the form of an announcement or a brief discussion between with the audience.




The wedding ceremony is a celebration where individual moments require exalted, yet gentle atmosphere. Our music at the wedding fills the time when the close ones contemplate these unique moments. In this case, subtle, warm and calm music is needed, in accordance with acoustics, especially in the church or outdoor.

At what time, do we play during a wedding?

In the presence of the organist, the appropriate moment for instrumental music or solo voice are prelude music, offertorium, communion, the time before the young couple's departure from the church and the wedding wishes. With respect to human or civil vows, there is much room for maneuver in both the choice of the moment of play and the repertoire itself.

What do we perform at a wedding?




Music for banquets, occasional or corporate events is often used as a highlight of joyous atmosphere or moments of importance. It is no secret that the right accompaniment is the key to a successful meeting. Digital music cannot replace a live performance in such cases. String quartet is a great and original proposition that can be both a subtle background and an exquisite main course.


Classical, film, jazz, arrangement in genres of the 60s - anything that the guests may feel like. is not just a classic, "formal" sound. We prepare special sets in selected genres. Any instrumental composition, although the best choice is the Fine Tone string quartet.


Special occasions


Betrothal proposals are a good example. During such occasion, it is a single moment, that will deeply root in the memory of the beloved person. Where musical atmosphere should emphasize the beauty of this one extraordinary moment.

Playing during an engagement is a great pleasure for us. The musical setting in this case is particularly important in terms of repertoire selection. It is often well received to use the element of surprise, for example: passers-by turn out to be musicians, who accompaniment with your favorite song. We have had many occasions to accompany such events, every performance carefully planned, and the effect - always moving.


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